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Services across four major categories:



Architectural & Design Services

Data Migration Services

  •  Every project begins with a discovery phase that includes an assessment by a Cloud Specialist.
  • Architectural & design services provide alignment with business goals & long term investments
  • Technical solutions created for optimal results based on your requirements
  • Simplify & streamline the migration from legacy systems
  • Customized data migrations plans, architectures, documentation & execution
  • Dedicated support throughout the entire process

Development Services

Production Hosting Auditing Services

  • Software-as-a-Service
  • Experts at application development - creating custom solutions to help your business improve processes & increase efficiency
  • Managed hosting
  • Managed applications & services hosting
  • Full range of applications & service development, hosting & support

Variety of Customer Engagement Models

Applications, storage and other resources available to general public.
Shared infrastructure between several organizations
Composition of two or more clouds that remain unique but are bound together..
Infrastructure operated solely for a single organization whether managed internally or by a third party and hosted internally or externally.

Key Partnerships