When Everyone is WFH

Quick Tips to Keep You and Your Team Flying High in the 2020 Workplace Written by Mark Chadbourne, Solutions Architect and Manager of Technical Development for Solü Technology Partners. Whether we are loving it, hating it, or somewhere in between, most of us in IT find ourselves working from home these days. Odds are most people we work with are, too, and will be for a bit longer. Check In Ever heard ‘Out of sight, … Continued

Culture, Community and our Commitment

Written by Mackenzie Spencer, Marketing Specialist for Solü Technology Partners. “Our company has grown tremendously over the years. When we first started opening new offices in locations outside of New York, I was apprehensive at first. We knew we would be challenged by new markets and we were eager to expand, but one thing that I would not sacrifice is the sense of culture and community we have created here in New York.” – President, … Continued

Changing Seasons, Changing Careers

Written by Kristy Ninfo, Recruiter Team Lead for Solü Technology Partners. As the seasons’ change and the year starts to come to a close, it is the time to reflect and look forward.   One of the key stressors in life can be making a career change whether anticipated or not.  The stress of the change and the unknown can be a lot for any individual. When do you know that you are ready for a … Continued

Business Analyst – The Team’s Interpreter

Written by Cheryl Murray, Business Analyst for Solü Technology Partners. I have become adept at explaining what a business analyst does. That’s because whenever I tell somebody that’s what I do, they inevitably ask, “And that is…. what exactly?” Sometimes I give a full explanation, sometimes it’s a variation on “it’s my job to think” …and once in a great while when I’m feeling feisty, I might say, “I analyze businesses, of course.” The reality, … Continued

Why do I need a Project Manager?

Written by Niki Stonelake, Project Manager for Solü Technology Partners.  proj·ect man·ag·er: (noun) the person in overall charge of the planning and execution of a particular project.[1] Why Do I need a Project Manager on my team? We are often asked why we would want to utilize a Project Manager or are they necessary for the project? Before we dive into why you need a PM, let’s look at what a Project Manager does outside … Continued

Strengthening your scrum team through consistency

Written by Stephen Crandall, Manager Agile Center of Excellence for Solü Technology Partners. I am often asked how to keep scrum teams focused and efficient in an environment that lends itself to distractions and changing priorities. My answer is simple, make as much of the process as boring as possible. I’m sure your scrum teams are already doing the standard ceremonies (backlog grooming, sprint planning, daily stand-ups, etc.), but how many of these are happening … Continued

War on Talent

Written by Michelle Clayton, Director for Solü Technology Partners Hey Hiring Manager, I’m watching you lose the war on talent. Your inbox may be flooded with resumes that you’re trying desperately to get to, but the candidate you need has just accepted another position as you were “getting to those resumes”. Does this keep you up at night? I know sifting through resumes, scheduling phone screens, conducting face-to-face interviews, looping back with interviewer number 2, … Continued

Soft Skills in IT are More Important Than Ever

Written by Cheryl Murray, Business Analyst at Solü Technology Partners The IT industry has come a long way in the past thirty years. Techie stereotypes are simply not our reality any longer. Gone are the days of “Oh. That’s Bob and Kevin’s office. No! Don’t knock! They’re our programmers. We don’t actually talk to them. We just throw the occasional pizza under the door and check on them every couple of weeks. We’re all happier … Continued

Company Culture: Why is it so important?

Have you heard the saying, “Love what you do, and you will never work a day in your life?” Well, let’s add to that, with “Love WHERE and WHAT you do, and you will never work a day in your life.” Connecting with not only the right job, but the right company is crucial. According to Business Insider, an average American will spend 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime, and of those working Americans, … Continued

Scratching the Surface of Job Hunting with Social Media

The first of our series of Social Media in Business blogs, we discuss job boards and caution around the features. We have entered a mobile lifestyle where everything seems to be right at our fingertips. You can adjust your air conditioning, feed your dog, or even start your laundry right from your phone without being home. Not only can your refrigerator tell you when you need more milk but, can display your twitter feed on … Continued

Technology Profession Salary vs. State Average

Today we are taking a look at where you will get the most out of being in the Technology Industry; the top two cities may surprise you.  In many states, technology professionals are earning more than state average salaries according to business.org. Why do you ask? It may have something to do with every single business possessing a technological need to survive in today’s world: from POS machines in restaurants to email servers in a … Continued

Top Programming Languages to Know and Why?

Software and Web Development has become a crucial part of running any business. We have seen the need for an IT expert, whether on-staff or outsourced, skyrocket over the past few years. As the technology world takes leaps and bounds into the future, your business will fall behind if you are not adequately equipped for the changes ahead. Top 10 programming, scripting and markup languages in 2018 according to Stack Overflow:   What does this … Continued

Our Guide to Gathering Information on Job Requirements

As a recruiter/manager, how many times have you received a call from the salesperson about a new job requirement they have, and YOU are assigned to work it and send resumes as quickly as possible? Then as you start to read the job description several questions immediately come up that will help you identify the right candidate for the position.  You either ask the questions while in your daily meetings or call the salesperson for … Continued

Our View on the Interview

  In our previous blogs, we covered how to build a resume, both generic and IT based, and writing the best cover letter. If you haven’t read those, take a step back and review; after all, the cover letter and resume are your first impression. Now that you are an expert, interview requests should be flooding your inbox. An interview can be nerve-racking, especially if you interview in front of a panel of people. The … Continued

Covering the Cover Letter

Tips for the best cover letter: IT Professionals Writing a cover letter seems to be the most tedious task when applying for jobs. Some individuals go over the top and explain in more than two pages about why they need the job. Simplicity is overlooked as we tend to embellish when it comes to cover letters, resumes, and interviews. We can focus your cover letter to grab the attention of Technology professionals without the embellishment. … Continued

What’s Wrong with my IT Resume

Tips on what to do or not do on your IT Resume As an IT Consulting & Staffing Recruiter, we help Job Seekers find consulting jobs with our clients.  The IT Resume is your first impression. A resume is discarded if it doesn’t “stack up” against other Job Seekers, even if the candidate is qualified.  How do you move to the top of the stack? First, realize you are NOT the only applicant, and there … Continued

Misconceptions and Missed Opportunities

Misconceptions about using a recruiter in your job search can lead to missed opportunities in your career. There are several misconceptions about working with a recruiter while searching for your next career. Many individuals are under the impression that using a recruiter is expensive or a waste of time.  However, these misapprehensions can lead to a long and tiring job search. Let us break it down for you. First, understand there are two different types … Continued