Changing Seasons, Changing Careers

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Tips on how to navigate a career change
Nov 13, 2019
Written by Kristy Ninfo, Recruiter Team Lead for Solü Technology Partners.
As the seasons’ change and the year starts to come to a close, it is the time to reflect and look forward. One of the key stressors in life can be making a career change whether anticipated or not. The stress of the change and the unknown can be a lot for any individual.

When do you know that you are ready for a career change? Think about the driving factors of what leads you to the next steps. What do you want in a work environment? What are your goals? What do you want to spend your time doing at work? Are you inspired or content?

I was recently introduced to the book, The Coffee Bean by Jon Gordon. It was purchased and read in about 20 minutes.  Yes, 20 minutes!  20 minutes for a new perspective…totally worth your time.

In The Coffee Bean, the author walks you through 3 options in your life.  You can be the egg, the carrot or the coffee bean. Now you have a pot of boiling water…  in this example, the boiling water is your career.  What happens when these 3 items are put in the boiling water?   The carrot gets soft, the egg becomes hard and the coffee bean…. well the coffee bean becomes coffee. The bean changes the environment into something more than when it went in.   So many times, we become soft or hard by our current work situations, it is the easier path.  But what if today you decided to be the coffee bean and took the plunge into really what you want to do?

As a recruiter, I never ask what your 2-year plan or 5-year plan is.  I want to know what is important to you today and how we can best navigate the boiling waters to find the perfect opportunity that best matches what is important to you now. A few tips to remember when starting a job search and working with a recruiter:

  • Make sure you have a good understanding of the recruiting process
  • Be prepared with a well-written resume and references
  • Be able to identify what is important to you (culture, salary, PTO, etc.)
  • Update your profile on LinkedIn to mirror your current situation and skills
  • Research potential companies in your area that you may be interested in

What Jon Gordon tells us in The Coffee Bean is “Life is often difficult. It can be harsh, stressful, and feel like a pot of boiling hot water. The environments we find ourselves in can change, weaken, or harden us, and test who we truly are. We can be like the carrot that weakens in the pot or like the egg that hardens. Or, we can be like the coffee bean and discover the power inside us to transform our environment.”

Together we can transform your current situation into something fulfilling. Our recruiting process focuses on our candidates, to help place them in the environment where they will flourish.

Feel free to get inspired and follow Jon Gordon on LinkedIn as well!

“The Coffee Bean”
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