Our Guide to Gathering Information on Job Requirements

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Hear from our Senior Vice President on the importance of gathering as much information on job requirements from your customers.
Jun 21, 2018
Written by Marty Sylvester, Senior Vice President for Solü Technology Partners
As a recruiter/manager, how many times have you received a call from the salesperson about a new job requirement they have, and YOU are assigned to work it and send resumes as quickly as possible?

Then as you start to read the job description several questions immediately come up that will help you identify the right candidate for the position.  You either ask the questions while in your daily meetings or call the salesperson for the information – They respond with,  “Hmmm, let me check into it. I’ll get right back to you!”

Unfortunately, this scenario is not uncommon in the fast-paced, high-pressure recruiting world. Everyone is busy, and time is of the essence. However, without all the pertinent information you and your recruiting team are not in a good position to fulfill the job opportunity with the best possible candidate. As many recruiting firms rely on repeat and referral business, it is critical you set each job placement up for success.

Tips to help encourage your “Team” to gather ALL pertinent information at the first meeting:

  1. Set up a quick call with both your customer and the recruiters. Ensure the recruiter has all the questions needed to “Qualify” the right candidate. Don’t discard this same strategy while the salesperson is with the hiring manager.
  2. Build a portfolio of questions with the help of your recruiting team. Bring those with you at every sales meeting.
  3. Review each answer with the recruiter. Ensure they understand all the details.
  4. Think about bringing your recruiter to a sales call. We tend to forget about gathering details of the facility where we will send new candidates. Help them understand the landscape of the department/geographic area/people where they will be sent.
  5. Does your recruiting team have a good understanding of your customer? Set up a meeting to go over all the details of your customer. What they do, locations they do business, Sales Revenue numbers, etc. More details that will help to recruit.

Remember, the more details you can uncover on the requirement, the better for the recruiting teams. In today’s market, there are not enough IT candidates. The faster recruiting can talk to candidates and close them on the requirement, the quicker you will see success. These tips will help mitigate your risk and see more hires.

At Solü Technology Partners, this process is part of our culture. We developed a complete playbook for our sales team and recruiters. Call us today. We would be happy to talk more on other tools to help you find the right candidate in today’s market.


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